In recent years, the advent of the internet and its wide popularity has absolutely created an evolution as regards how business is carried out. A great number of business owners now realize that to have the necessary relevance in this day and age to achieve success at business, one needs to have an online presence of some sort. Businesses now have social media accounts, websites, and blogs because they are an efficient way to reach, communicate with, and sell your business to a wider audience. Aside from building a website, businesses also need to announce their presence online to their customers through effective digital marketing. Now, what exactly is this concept of digital marketing? And furthermore, why is it so integral to the growth of a business these days?


This concept merely suggests the use of online platforms to advertise your products/services and sell your business. It still employs the very core values and strategies of the traditional marketing, while also being more effective when it comes to reaching the target audience primarily and assessing the behavior of consumers. This form of marketing can be carried out using various online platforms such as websites, SMS, social media and so on. Due to the fact that this form of marketing is digital in nature, it is widely considered to be the most inexpensive method of marketing.



This kind of marketing as indicated by the name aims at “pushing” the information you wish to pass across concerning your product/service, to your target audience. Digital marketing in this form is usually carried out using platforms like email or SMS with each message personalized for the intended receiver. Another advantage of this form of digital marketing is that it allows you to monitor and gauge the efficiency of the strategy.


This form of digital marketing, as opposed to the push variety, aims at causing your target audience to come to you instead. When digital marketing is done this way, it must include certain features which will inspire the customer to put a call across to your business, or simply pay a visit to see or learn more about what you have to offer.  Websites and web pages are a good example of how this form of digital marketing is carried out. This kind of digital marketing is not easy to monitor unlike the push kind, but, when done right, it still achieves the desired result regardless.

For any business to grow in this day and age, digital marketing has to be given very serious attention and implemented strategically, to ensure that a wider number of people are aware of your business and the products and services you have to offer. It is not uncommon to see companies involved in web design and development, having a whole department dedicated to marketers. That alone should tell you just how important this is.